Write me a Thank You Note Jimmy Fallon style?

Question by ∿ of mutilation: Write me a Thank You Note Jimmy Fallon style?
BQ; Which is your favourite (or at least one you can remember)

My favourite is
“Thank clown school yearbook, I can’t wait to see who was nominated ‘class serious person'”
“Thank you NBC’s Go Healthy Week for being the same week as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week”

Ok now I’ll make one up
“Thank unattractive middle aged man who lives beside me for never pulling up your pants when you bend over. That’s exactly what I want to see first thing when I wake up. Good morning”
Np Franzy lol it’s a segment he does every friday

Haha thanks, ya he’s cute 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Franzy Pantz
Haha sorry Jacquie, I have absolutely now idea what your talking about, but I do love Jimmy Fallon!! 😀

Edit: Ohhh, that was great! Loved it!
Hahaha yours cracks me up!!

Ok I guess I’ll give it a go…

“Thank you Neon Trees, for making my blood rush down a fiery pit of hate, and suffer a lowly passion of gross burning red.”
How was that? Ehh…not sure I did that right…

@Hold Your Mistake Up, you are welcome! 😀

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