Why has Jimmy Fallon not been kicked off of NBC yet?

Question by Swirly Glasses: Why has Jimmy Fallon not been kicked off of NBC yet?
I’m sitting here listening to him regurgitate incredibly recycled jokes like “Obama is opening up a new library. It will be different from Bush’s library in that it will have books” in an incredibly dry and uncharismatic format…even jokes that Stephen Colbert already told!

I hate Jimmy Fallon. He’s terrible, he has zero personality, he’s not funny. There is nothing watchable about him. He must be fired, immediately. Do you agree?
At least Miley Cyrus already established the personality of a stupid, annoying 15-year-old brat…hey, it sells to SOMEONE. Jimmy Fallon is so average and boring, and constantly comes off as if deep down he knows that he does not deserve this show.

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Answer by scrabbleplayer1234
I think NBC is trying to be patient with his show. Most people remember that Conan’s original 12:30 show didn’t start to click until 1 year into production or later, so NBC probably wants to give Fallon time to grow as well. While his ratings haven’t been great, they certainly haven’t been bad, and he attracts a young demographic which is important to advertisers.

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