Who would you pick to replace Jimmy Fallon?

Question by Jeff: Who would you pick to replace Jimmy Fallon?
Jimmy Fallon’s first spin as Late Night host scored the franchise’s biggest overnight Monday ratings in three years, NBC said today.

I didn’t think he was very good at all.

Some jokes were funny but his delivery was terrible.

He looked out of place.

Then it made me wonder who i would give the job to.

Seth Rogen
Dave Chappelle
Sara Silverman
Justin Timberlake
Louis C.K.
Jim Breuer
Jerry Seinfeld

Most of those wouldn’t fit

It’s not late night but at 7 Attack of the show with Olivia and Kevin is the best!

Conan is still best late night

Best answer:

Answer by Kat
It was his first night! As he settles in, he’ll get better.

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