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LateNightJimmy: @ADuck7 tell your week you’re too tough to let it keep you down http://t.co/vKTzbEqlAY

LateNightJimmy: ICYMI: You’re going to want to follow Jimmy’s advice for this summer’s Do Not Read List. http://t.co/w3aRTdGgN9

LateNightJimmy: (PS – You’re also getting a new “Ask Jimmy” vid tomorrow! It’s gonna be a good day.)

LateNightJimmy: Fan of #TheSmiths? You’re gonna seriously love this @JohnnyMarr bonus web song: http://t.co/vr82dowl4T

LateNightJimmy: RT @jimmyfallon: Thank you, people who say the phrase, “I really shouldn’t,” for letting me know you’re about to eat a lot of my fries. …

LateNightJimmy: Thank you, people who say, “Wow, you’re really photogenic,” for not saying what you really mean: “Wow, you’re really ugly in person.”

LateNightJimmy: The White House is spending 250k/year on calligraphy. You’re spending too much money on calligraphy when you spend ANY money on calligraphy.

LateNightJimmy: Don’t buy those Valentine’s chocolates until you know what you’re getting yourself into: http://t.co/tkYNwaLd

LateNightJimmy: This #handhug goes out to @JustinBieber. You’re gonna be great on @NBCSNL tonight!

LateNightJimmy: “Thank you, Lobsters, for always looking like you’re putting things in quotes.” #thankyounotes #lnjf http://t.co/3FiIP5R3