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LateNightJimmy: Earlier in the week Jimmy and the Ragtime Gals performed their rendition of ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’! http://t.co/XqDrlq4mI5

LateNightJimmy: @ADuck7 tell your week you’re too tough to let it keep you down http://t.co/vKTzbEqlAY

LateNightJimmy: RT @Erin_Kay_FalPal: A new @LateNightJimmy this week!!! Yay!!!

Next week, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez will all perform together in a c…

LateNightJimmy: .@VampireWeekend stopped by this week to perform the song “Ya Hey” from their new album! http://t.co/6tRRXFNq26

LateNightJimmy: @SamuelM9989 Definitely! We try to do them every week on Thursday. @jimmyfallon announces the Hashtag on Weds.

LateNightJimmy: In honor of Mother’s Day, watch Jimmy read his favorite #MomQuotes this week! http://t.co/6XNYUvV019

LateNightJimmy: Sir Ben Kingsley was on the show this week, and he and Jimmy competed in “The Dramatic Turn and Speak”! #WaffleCrotch http://t.co/3nguYFgvX7

LateNightJimmy: .@RebelWilson joined Jimmy in an improv dance battle this week. See the moves that are sweeping the nation! http://t.co/jywYMWjTVV

LateNightJimmy: .@SusanSarandon brought her adorable, yet ferocious puppies to the show this week. See what you missed! http://t.co/RN0JQGr73u