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LateNightJimmy: We have a sweeeet lineup tonight with the wonderful @SusanSarandon, Karl Urban, and comedian @Jim_Hamilton! Tune in tonight!

LateNightJimmy: Tonight’s show is gonna be awesome: Hugh Laurie, JJ Abrams and @grizzlybear! Tune in!

LateNightJimmy: David Byrne and @St_Vincent are about to rock Studio 6B and you should TUNE IN NOW.

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy and Mike Birbiglia (@Birbigs) are about to swap stand up road stories. Tune in to get schooled.

LateNightJimmy: The men of Cupid’s Arrow are back and they want to date YOU. Tune in #latenight now and hear their proposal.

LateNightJimmy: Tonight! Tune in for Liv Tyler, Maria Sharapova and musical performance by @Yeasayer!

LateNightJimmy: Tune in tonight! @KathieLGifford, T.I. (@Tip), Olympic Gold Medalist @hopesolo, and stand up by @GodfreyComedian!!

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy and Leslie Mann (@LeslieJMann) are about to play an INTENSE game of Late Night Charades. Do yourself a favor and tune in. #latenight

LateNightJimmy: We’re back with a brand new show after our 2 week hiatus! We’re on in 5 minutes. Tune in! #latenight

LateNightJimmy: Anne Hathaway is about to PLAY WITH SOMEBODY’S LOOK. Tune in! #latenight