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"I heard 2014 is gonna be even more fun than 2013." #HappyNewYear #BabyNewYear

For the first time in more than 30 years, Butterball is hiring men to answer que…

More than ten million people tuned in last night for the series finale of “Break…

Washington is getting ready to open up more than 300 stores that sell marijuana….

LateNightJimmy: Thank you, gift bags, for saying “I care enough to put your gift in a slightly fancier bag than the one I bought it in.” #thankyounotes

LateNightJimmy: Today marks the 15th anniversary of Viagra. The company celebrated by throwing a party that shouldn’t last more than four hours. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said he has a better chance of playing for the Yankees than becoming the next pope… http://t.co/dyO2wKDqEF

LateNightJimmy: A study found that pessimistic people live longer than optimists. That’d be great news for pessimists, if they believed in great news. #mono

With Pope Benedict retiring in two weeks, more than 100 cardinals will sequester…

LateNightJimmy: http://t.co/TM20VGp0 RT @ericandrew16: “I’m just an old virgin who sh*t his pants at poetry reading.” -There’s no one better than @higbones