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LateNightJimmy: Mitt Romney has some important debate strategy tips to share right now on #LateNight. Tune in for this important message.

LateNightJimmy: From last night’s show it’s the always delightful Elmo! He came right from @SesameStreet! Watch now: http://t.co/yKy55t9d

LateNightJimmy: Did you know Maya Rudolph is in a Prince cover band? No? FIX THAT! Watch her right here: http://t.co/2SSSbvs0

LateNightJimmy: There’s an all new Models and Buckets RIGHT NOW on LNJF. Tune in for the Models AND the Buckets.

Q&A: Who this funny guy on Jimmy Fallon right now?

LateNightJimmy: LNJF Twitter Takeover complete! Fran killed it, right?! Thanks & #FF to @Frantweets! And thanks everyone for tuning in!

LateNightJimmy: .@BeaccchHoussse is playing “Wild” on LNJF right now! http://t.co/W1uRJExv #BeachHouse #latenight

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy and @HeidiKlum are about to play a new game right now: “Dance Charades”! You must see this. #latenight

LateNightJimmy: Tune in right now to see Jimmy and @JustinBieber in an epic battle! #JimmyvsJustin #latenight

LateNightJimmy: Watch @jimmyfallon live right now on @youtube! Up next, Bob Dylan’s “Charles in Charge” http://t.co/IbN5uOtw