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TONIGHT: Our buddy Hugh Jackman returns, plus author Gillian Flynn & more music…

Washington is getting ready to open up more than 300 stores that sell marijuana….

This puppy predicts that it's hard getting the day started on Mondays. More b…

LateNightJimmy: Fan-made GIF set “Thank you, black and white shots, for making everything seem more classy.. sophisticated…and sexy.” http://t.co/9xCjlvTm5F

LateNightJimmy: @chanellovato We’re all booked for reserved tickets, but you could try stand-by or band bench! Here’s more info: http://t.co/5jSSsTwukA

LateNightJimmy: Thanks for staying up and hanging out! Hope you had fun tonight – see you guys tomorrow for more #LNJF. – @HanVanderPoel

LateNightJimmy: That was awesome, everyone! Thanks for hanging out. Meet you guys back here tomorrow night for more fun. – @hanvanderpoel

You guys had some seriously great #MyPetIsWeird Instagrams! More of Jimmy's…

LateNightJimmy: Ever wondered what the President was REALLY thinking? Wonder no more: http://t.co/GATvYA3acp

LateNightJimmy: Today marks the 15th anniversary of Viagra. The company celebrated by throwing a party that shouldn’t last more than four hours. #fallonmono