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LateNightJimmy: #LateNight is happening now! Tune in! Don’t miss this! http://t.co/tfhhsDL7

LateNightJimmy: Don’t miss @kaj33 sky hook some chips into the audience with Jimmy! It’s pretty impressive. Watch here: http://t.co/BGrjTfcQ

LateNightJimmy: Chef @davidchang stopped by to talk about Momofuku and the new issue of his magazine, Lucky Peach. Don’t miss it! http://t.co/YoZ1Inq1

LateNightJimmy: We got to see some awesome old pictures of @JuddApatow and hear all about his new show ‘Girls’. Don’t miss this clip! http://t.co/oCvK5Agt

LateNightJimmy: Ana Gasteyer, Aziz Ansari, Jimmy and Higgins played Charades and, like Ana said, “It’s so Downton!” Don’t miss it! http://t.co/Jq8eCHsJ

LateNightJimmy: Susan Sarandon talked about her new movie ‘Jeff Who Lives At Home’ and her family. Don’t miss it! http://t.co/zTkznpup

LateNightJimmy: It’s time for Late Night Hashtags! You definitely don’t want to miss our favorite #ImAnIdiot responses: http://t.co/epH4vRvo

LateNightJimmy: Fergie and Jimmy made delicious Voli cocktails and reminisced about the time they accidentally kissed. Don’t miss it! http://t.co/pIhL8o33

LateNightJimmy: Taylor Lautner vs. Drew Breeze. Yes please. Don’t miss this. Tune in now!

LateNightJimmy: DO NOT miss PRIMUS tonight! They’re on in a bit so tune in now!