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LateNightJimmy: Our animal expert @JeffAnimalGuy did his best to freak Jimmy out… and he succeeded: http://t.co/INl0kv6s

LateNightJimmy: Animal expert @JeffAnimalGuy did his best to scare Jimmy last night. It worked: http://t.co/2KZ8iNO7

LateNightJimmy: Oh no, oh no, oh no… RT @jeffanimalguy: back on @LateNightJimmy on Feb 13th… Boy do we have some early Vday surprises for u @jimmyfallon

LateNightJimmy: RT @ktoha93: Excited to watch @LateNightJimmy @jimmyfallon tonight so I can see all the awesome animals @JeffAnimalGuy will bring! Ekk # …

LateNightJimmy: Always entertaining, @JeffAnimalGuy (Jeff Musial) was back on the show last night with some great animals for Jimmy!! http://t.co/ODM4v6Hs

LateNightJimmy: Hey, internet! Tonight’s show has @JeffAnimalGuy (yikes!), Jeff Daniels, @JennaBushHager and @RefusedBand!! Yeah!!! http://t.co/C8wtzXHL

LateNightJimmy: God help us all. #loveyajeff RT @JeffAnimalGuy: Yes July 18th I am bringing the ruckus back to @LateNightJimmy …. #BOSSHOG #outofcontrol

LateNightJimmy: Big show tonight with Willie Nelson, @GordonRamsay01, and the always insane and fun @JeffAnimalGuy: http://t.co/AXR04YZI

LateNightJimmy: It’s always interesting when @JeffAnimalGuy stops by and this was no exception. Check out the Easter Extravaganza: http://t.co/zxeVvI1p