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LateNightJimmy: It’s time for another round of Name That Guy! No guys were harmed in the naming of these guys. Check it: http://t.co/H3DUghXY

LateNightJimmy: From last night’s show it’s the always delightful Elmo! He came right from @SesameStreet! Watch now: http://t.co/yKy55t9d

LateNightJimmy: It’s another installment of @MittRomney’s Video Rom Bomb! Check it out. http://t.co/5AXlnVM5

LateNightJimmy: Danny! was on the show last night to perform his song “Evil.” Check it out, it’s good (get it?): http://t.co/qO1gh170

LateNightJimmy: It’s Black Simon and Garfunkel! They’re just like the original Simon and Garfunkel only black. http://t.co/da7GMnWl

LateNightJimmy: On tonight’s show: Woody Harrelson, Kenan Thompson, @tavitulle and @TheRealVaccines. It’s gonna be awesome.

LateNightJimmy: It’s a new week and we’re back!! Check this out: http://t.co/IAaS3iMG

LateNightJimmy: From last night’s show, it’s a new edition of “That Very Well May Be, But…” Watch now and tell us your favorite one! http://t.co/Vp14zLQH

LateNightJimmy: It’s the first day of school & we’re back! With @KirstenDunst, Gov. Chris Christie (@Christiekeynote), and @Jason_Mraz! http://t.co/KnfAyc95

It’s jimmy fallon a red sox fan?