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LateNightJimmy: Here’s @JTimberlake performing his brand new song ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’: http://t.co/zP7VxDS3HE #JustinTimberweek

LateNightJimmy: Here’s part 2 of that @SteveCarell, @JTimberlake & @JimmyFallon soap opera: http://t.co/QtDEuXuhpe #JustinTimberweek

LateNightJimmy: In case you missed it: here’s @Jtimberlake performing his brand new song ‘Let the Groove Get In’ http://t.co/egkZYDFxgJ #JustinTimberweek

LateNightJimmy: RT @jimmyfallon: Here’s part one of our new episode of Downton Sixbey. Part two airs tonight! http://t.co/uDOSA0Qj

LateNightJimmy: Here’s Eric Burdon performing We Gotta Get Outta This Place as a web exclusive! http://t.co/SNuhz33V #lnjf

LateNightJimmy: Here’s a new vid from @jimmyfallon. Keep those Super Fan Supercuts coming! http://t.co/IfiLa7WJ

LateNightJimmy: Here’s part 2 of Jimmy’s interview with the always exciting @NeneLeakes! http://t.co/ea3wNXmi

LateNightJimmy: ICYMI: Here’s our countdown for the top five moments of Late Night 2012 http://t.co/N6dXHM1E

LateNightJimmy: Top five favorite Late Night moments of 2012! Here’s what you picked for number 3… http://t.co/6x86IzGn

LateNightJimmy: Here’s your pick for favorite Late Night moment of 2012! http://t.co/WzMeccfx