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LateNightJimmy: RT @jimmyfallon: The weirdest sketch we’ve ever done – written by @benjaminapple is about to appear.hope you enjoy: “Man’s Head On A Pig …

LateNightJimmy: Same with us. @steven_silvey: “@LateNightJimmy those holiday songs with @iamrashidajones are still stuck in my head. Awesome feeling”

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy and @ChelseaHandler are about to play some Password head to head. The password is…TUNEINNOW.

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy and @SofiaVergara are about to go HEAD TO HEAD in beer pong. Tune in to #latenight!

LateNightJimmy: If you loved the brand new Head Swap last night, check out ALL our Head Swap’s here: http://t.co/Q16usLbc

LateNightJimmy: RT @Glen_Hansard: Jesus! Me head! What a night .. New York You throw a party.. Playing @jimmyfallon Tonight! If I can stand by then!:) s …

LateNightJimmy: Hashtag time! Let’s hear ‘em! RT @jimmyfallon: My mom dumped a bowl of Raisin Bran on my head because I was being fresh. #thatsmymom

Who is the girl in the jimmy fallon commercial who gets hit on the head by something that falls from ceiling?

In case you missed it: The Fray played their hit "Over My Head (Cable Car)" as a…