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LateNightJimmy: Great news for @bssmusic fans: we’ve got a web-exclusive bonus song! http://t.co/rnZVNV5myE #lnjf

LateNightJimmy: That was a seriously great episode. So much fun, guys. See you tomorrow night same time, same place! – @christinefriar #lnjf

LateNightJimmy: Such a great show tonight. Thanks for hanging! Off to bed now, meet you guys back here tomorrow, same time. -@HanVanderPoel

LateNightJimmy: Have a great night, pals! Thanks for watching and for getting #LNJF trending! Pretty awesome start to the weekend. -@marinarachael

LateNightJimmy: .@kenjeong brought a great clip from The Hangover Part III to the show! See it here: http://t.co/xpcjBqfAcn

Happy Monday, pals! Working on a great show for you tonight with Bradley Cooper,…

Thank you, Mother's Day, for being a great way to tell Mom, "You gave birth to m…

LateNightJimmy: Great night! Thanks for hanging out with me. See you here tomorrow – and (officially) TGIF! – @HanVanderPoel

LateNightJimmy: The Great Gatsby’s Carey Mulligan was beyond excited to meet this American rapper http://t.co/a4oV7RGItk

LateNightJimmy: Great news, Eve fans! She did a web-exclusive performance of ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ with @TheRoots just for you: #LNJF http://t.co/0S30mEvXht