Will NOW demand the firing of Jimmy Fallon?

Question by Bad Wolf: Will NOW demand the firing of Jimmy Fallon?
The Jimmy Fallon show invited Congress Woman Bachmann to be a guest on his show. When she was introduced the band played the song “lyin A$ $ B*tch”. Will the National Organization of Woman stand up for the Congresswoman and demand that the perpetrators be fired?
tutyakbi – NOW is not a Governmnet entity. It is a private organization.
Thoughtful Monkey – Was Imus calling all woman nappy headed hoes? No. Yet they demanded his termination. So what is the threshold for insulting a woman…calling one woman a B*tch is ok…but god help them if they call 3 woman that?

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Answer by Wolf Myth
No, but they have spoken out against what Fallon did. He apologized. Good enough.

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