Q&A: What is this Jimmy Fallon/Skit?

Question by : What is this Jimmy Fallon/Skit?
I saw a jimmy fallon episode, and there was this hilarious skit. At the most, it was 3 weeks ago, but I think it was last week, not sure 😛 . It was somethin about how things are connected. It was essentially the same to this:
“Why are firetrucks red? There’s four wheels in the front, and eight wheels in the back. Four plus eight is twelve. There’s12 inches in a foot. A foot is a ruler. A ruler is Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is a boat. A boat floats in the sea. There are fish in the sea. Fish have fins. The fins fought the Russians, and the Russians are red. That is why Fire trucks are red.”
Um, if someone could tell me what this would be called, thatd be helpful. Telling me the episode that which Im talking about, would be great!

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Answer by Rohan
How do you like me now?
It might be called that but they only use the main words… not words like “the”
possibly search deetch on late night

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