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LateNightJimmy: Gold prices have fallen to their lowest level in over 2 years. Even Mr. T was like, “I pity myself?” #fallonmono http://t.co/ruKAcmyVcZ

LateNightJimmy: RT @RyanBingham: Soundcheck is done & we’re ready for @jimmyfallon tonight. Can’t wait to hear Jimmy’s #Fallonmono live! #LateNight …

LateNightJimmy: Today marks the 15th anniversary of Viagra. The company celebrated by throwing a party that shouldn’t last more than four hours. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: Older Americans are using marijuana in their retirement. Which makes sense cuz old people are always talking about their joints. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: Good news! I checked the weather report for this weekend and it’s going to be sunny with a chance of METEORS FROM SPACE!!! #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: On Sat, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow. And you know what that means – nothing, because that’s not how weather works. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: Happy Birthday to @shakira, who turns 36 this weekend! Well, she says she’s 34, but her hips told me she’s actually 36. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: Manti Te’o's online GF was a fabrication. When they heard that, nerds were like, “Man – even imaginary girls only like jocks.” #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: Sorry if I seem a little distracted. I just confessed to Oprah that when I played T-ball in kindergarten, I was on Juicy-Juice. #fallonmono

LateNightJimmy: A woman recently wrote a book about going makeup-less for a year. Women described her as “brave.” And men described her as “eh.” #fallonmono