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LateNightJimmy: RT @RyanBingham: Soundcheck is done & we’re ready for @jimmyfallon tonight. Can’t wait to hear Jimmy’s #Fallonmono live! #LateNight …

LateNightJimmy: RT @jimmyfallon: The weirdest sketch we’ve ever done – written by @benjaminapple is about to appear.hope you enjoy: “Man’s Head On A Pig …

Jimmy's dog Gary is here! If you need us, we'll be busy not getting any work done.

LateNightJimmy: Consider it done! @SadieFKatz: “@LateNightJimmy hey if you guys followed me now, you could be my 100th follower!”

LateNightJimmy: Wiiiiiiii! El Presidente of Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime shows Jimmy how it’s done with the new Wii U. Watch it here: http://t.co/x9C45sLS

what has jimmy fallon done to help the community and the world?

Well done to Big Jay Oakerson for his spot on the show last night!

We're not done celebrating dads until tonight's show. Then, they get a break fro…

LateNightJimmy: Get in here soon – almost done! Now it’s Balls in Your Mouth. @jimmyfallon live on @youtube Presents! http://t.co/IbN5uOtw

LateNightJimmy: RT @jimmyfallon: The President has left the building. This has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. #ObamaOnFallon