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LateNightJimmy: Theresa Caputo (@theresacaputo) came by Late Night to talk about being The Long Island Medium. Spooooky. Watch: http://t.co/rhen2G15

LateNightJimmy: Hunter Hayes came by to perform “Wanted” on Friday’s show! Watch here: http://t.co/XluLRl1I

LateNightJimmy: Recent Emmy winner Damian Lewis came by last night to talk about @SHO_Homeland, which you should start watching ASAP! http://t.co/f6WSYXQc

LateNightJimmy: From last night’s show it’s the always delightful Elmo! He came right from @SesameStreet! Watch now: http://t.co/yKy55t9d

Is jimmy Fallon’s apology about his drummer playing that horrible song when Bachmann came out racist?

LateNightJimmy: Last night @MrTonyHale came by and talked about “Arrested Development” and his new show “Veep”! Great interview: http://t.co/zVhIWcbB

Arrested Development and Veep star, Tony Hale, came on the show last night and s…

LateNightJimmy: @MarthaStewart came by lnjf last night to talk about her prize winning dog and meeting Kanye West! Watch here: http://t.co/50Jtyrlg

LateNightJimmy: Jimmy’s amazing ability to read animal minds came in handy in last night’s Animal Thoughts! Watch it here: http://t.co/GcUtgjXr

LateNightJimmy: The epic #FriedChickenBattle between @davidchang and @questlove happened last night. Who came out on top? Watch and see http://t.co/KdlbqGSo