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LateNightJimmy: “Thank you, Lobsters, for always looking like you’re putting things in quotes.” #thankyounotes #lnjf http://t.co/3FiIP5R3

LateNightJimmy: Here’s part 2 of Jimmy’s interview with the always exciting @NeneLeakes! http://t.co/ea3wNXmi

LateNightJimmy: RT @gavinpurcell: If you’re wondering who our Obama is, it’s the always hilarious @dionfly aka The Great Benito.

LateNightJimmy: From last night’s show it’s the always delightful Elmo! He came right from @SesameStreet! Watch now: http://t.co/yKy55t9d

LateNightJimmy: Always entertaining, @JeffAnimalGuy (Jeff Musial) was back on the show last night with some great animals for Jimmy!! http://t.co/ODM4v6Hs

Always nice to have some legends in the house.

It's always tough to be thankful on a Monday. That's why we do it on Fridays:

LateNightJimmy: Check out the always funny Bill Hader talking SNL and “Men In Black 3″ on last Friday’s show! It’s super Bill Hader-y! http://t.co/M7UJtYfD

LateNightJimmy: Big show tonight with Willie Nelson, @GordonRamsay01, and the always insane and fun @JeffAnimalGuy: http://t.co/AXR04YZI

Who here agrees that jimmy fallon is and always will be the best late night host ever?