Q&A: Zach Morris on Jimmy Fallon?

Question by : Zach Morris on Jimmy Fallon?
I wish I had the timeout super power


Who wants to reminisce about Saved by the Bell?

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Answer by Alan B
I thought that was great. Mark was great on Jimmy Fallon’s show. I loved how he stayed in character throughout the interview. He looks exactly the same as he did back then. Just a little older. Of course, we’re ALL a little older than we were when that show was on the air, as I’m turning 30 next year. I used to want to be Zack Morris when I was younger. I wanted to look like him, be as cool as he was, have a cell phone like he had, and, last but not least, I wanted to have that “timeout” power he had. lol. I thought the phonecall he got from Jesse was cool. And I loved when he first did the “timeout” thing and Jimmy almost started laughing. lol. I can’t wait to see a reunion of the entire cast.

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