Q&A: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Survey Says…?

Question by Eliza D: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Survey Says…?
1. Did you like his first show?
2. What was the best part?
3. What was the worst part?
4. Do you think it’ll get better or worse from here?
5. Do you think Jimmy Fallon was a good choice to replace Conan? If not, who would you like to see in his place?

Best answer:

Answer by Music is my hot HOT sex
1. I didn’t really like it but The Roots and Robert De Niro made up for it.
2. Probably the beginning when Conan made a cameo.
3. When Justin Timberlake started imitating John Mayer.
4.I think it’ll get better, Jimmy just needs to get comfortable.
5.I guess, but then again I love Conan O Brian too much so I can’t imagine who would be better. I would have probably preferred someone else from SNL. Maybe the guy that makes those spot on impersonations of Governor. Patterson and Obama. I forgot his name but he’s in a movie call EuroTrip.

but yeah he’s in SNL right now so thats impossible, right?

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