Q&A: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sucks balls?

Question by EasierToRun: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sucks balls?
Really, ive seen 2 weeks of episodes and i didn’t laugh ONCE.
Really, there weren’t other people to get the job? I herd fallon sucked also at SNL, and now i can confirm it.
From what ive seen, not even the audience laughs at his jokes. Hes just to bad. Heres how a LN with Jimmy Fallon goes:
1- Stupid entrance
2- Very bad monologue.
Example: *insert jimmy fallon bad joke here*
*insert no reaction from the audience*
*insert applause sign to joke work*
3- He laughs on EVERY god damn joke he says, and why? They arent even funny!
4- The most stupid sketches ever made. Example: lick it for 10, sketches with the other actors, all sketches fallon is in. Really, not funny.
5- Fallon makes mistakes all the time, and not only on first week but so on. I mean, he acted on SNL, but WAIT, apparently he sucked there to.
6- Every guest that went to the show is either very famous or has an huge impact on the audience. This of course to help with the ratings, since the show sucks so much.

My question is, will Fallon last till Conan takes the Tonight Show? Or you think he will go on? Personally if you think hes funny them theres something wrong in your head. Please dont come with the excuse “conan sucked to in the early seasons”.
Well, Conan DINT suck in the “early seasons”, but he was uncomfortable in the first one. Well, he was totally unknown to the public, while fallon worked on SNL.

And holy crap wall text!

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Answer by Bad Octopus
I’m sorry, but this is not a valid question. You’re using Yahoo! Answers as an excuse to rant.

And by the way, you don’t have to watch Jimmy Fallon. No one’s making you. Just watch something else until Coney takes over and makes everything better. 😀

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