Q&A: Is Jimmy Fallon next in line to host The Tonight Show?

Question by : Is Jimmy Fallon next in line to host The Tonight Show?
In my opinion, it’s only fair that Jimmy Fallon becomes the next host of The Tonight Show after Jay Leno retires. I think Jimmy is very funny & i think he is doing a very good job hosting Late Night. I know Conan O’Brien hosted Late Night for 16 years before he finally got his turn to host The Tonight Show, and I’m pretty sure Jimmy won’t have nearly as much experience as Conan did when Jay retires, because obviously Jay’s retirement can’t be that far away seeing as how he is 61.
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Answer by leslie
Jimmy is in line for the Tonight Show but whether or not he gets it is another story. I don’t think Leno will ever retire. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. He recently said on a talk show he likes being on at 12:30 a.m. NBC does strange things, so we’ll have to wait and see. Letterman was in line for Tonight Show when Carson retired and Carson even recommended David to replace him but NBC didn’t. That’s why Dave jumped to CBS.

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