Q&A: Is it just me, or does Jimmy Fallon’s show suck balls?

Question by fearless2def: Is it just me, or does Jimmy Fallon’s show suck balls?
He’s got a great set, he gets great guests, and The Roots are always spectacular, but he as the host just seems off. I know its only the second episode, but I don’t see the show becoming any more tolerable in the next 1 or 2 years. He’s almost as bad as Craig Ferguson, only this cat has a better time slot, which sucks for me because I’m still awake.

Have you seen the show?
Do you like it?
I actually missed DeNiro’s interview, but I heard it was baad. I actually think the hosting gig takes natural charisma and a certian smoothness or confidence that can’t be learned over time. I think Fallon will be nervous every night until the show flops. Sorry bro. I actually didn’t like Conan’s show that much either. I’m hoping he’ll be forced to tone down the weirdness when he switches to the earlier time slot. I have a feeling I’ll miss Leno. He was always charming and pleasant. I actually heard NBC is gonna give him a TV show before the Tonight Show, an even better time slot. I guess we’re all good then.

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Answer by chrissylm37
I can’t stand that ugly bastard.

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