Q&A: Do people actually like Jimmy Fallon?

Question by : Do people actually like Jimmy Fallon?
Every night after watching StarTrek his shit comes (late night with Jimmy Fallon) on and I watch it till commercials. Every time he talks, its just the most embarrassing crap ever! You can tell he is so nervous the way he stairs at the teleprompter, slurring his words – making stupid comments that dont make sense.

I am GUESSING this is his charm to some people. That he’s so damn dorky and stupid, people actually like it. But this is just a theory, to tell you the truth its the only reason I watch him for longer then 2 seconds, I just like to see him embarrass himself.

But honestly? Do people really like him? Are they laughing with him or at him?

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Answer by Eva
whos he lol

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