Nick Jonas on Jimmy Fallon?

Question by innocentbabyj128: Nick Jonas on Jimmy Fallon?
so i heard that Nick is gonna perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon January 8. do you have to be 18 to attend the show? they have band bench tickets for that day and i want to enter for a chance to win but i’m 16. could i enter? i dont think its fair if you have to be 18 because Nick Jonas has a ton of fans that are under 18….HE’S not even 18, so they should at least let people under 18 on that show. i REALLY want to enter! thanks in advance =)
when you go to the show do they check your id to prove your age?

and lets say i have my brother, who is over 18, enter to win the tickets and he wins, he is allowed to bring a guest. does the guest have to be 18 too?
on the contest entry form they do not allow you to put any year after 1991….that really stinks cause most Jonas Brothers fans are under 18

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Answer by Hannah
they should let under 18s in the audience as most of the JB fans are under 18.

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