natalie portman and jimmy fallon?

Question by Jess: natalie portman and jimmy fallon?
for the vh1, or what ever it is called, jimmy fallon hosted. he did 2 cammercials with natalie portman. one involved a dog that barked in brittish, an autograph form jesus, and natalie had to be his girlfriend for a week. i can find that one, but i can not find the other cammercial they did. it was the same principle, but this one involved natalie playing janga, and then jimmy makes a move on her and puhes him away. a few moments later, she makes a move on him….and yatta yatt yatta. anyways…. does any one know where i can find this one (the janga one)? please and thank you.

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Answer by Tara D
Try youtube. I’ve seen it on there before.

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