Jimmy Fallon, the Roots drum set up?

Question by Ray L: Jimmy Fallon, the Roots drum set up?
Last night on jimmy fallon, i noticed that the drummer of the house band had a small drum (what looked like a small tom) that was attached to the bass drum. Ive never seen this and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this

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Answer by Lillsoma


Hi Ray–

I kinda have the answer to your inquiry!!! The reason I say kinda is cu’z I DO NOT want to mutilate or insult the drummers of the world by trying to describe the answer to you. BUT I have the answer!!
I’m giving you a link that will tell you all about the special drum in question, as well as the entire drum set!! K?

Here ya go—–>


VERY Informative, it can answer your question MUCH better then I could!! I am sure you’ll like the whole sight!

Take Care!!!! Lillsoma

___ ~_~.


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