Jimmy Fallon Standby Tickets?

Question by Kevin: Jimmy Fallon Standby Tickets?
i want to line up tomorrow morning for a chance of getting some standby tickets for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They said they’ll pass out tickets round 9 am and I’m wondering how early do I have to line up to get some tickets? I don’t want to arrive too late and miss it nor do i want to go way too early. Anyone with experience with this?
I actually showed up at 6:30 and it was way too early. The standby tickets have numbers on them so if you get a good number you’re probably sure to get in. I was #8 in line and they only let 15 people from the standby line get in. I was lucky because when I was in the show, someone in the front left half way and they let me go up front.

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Answer by ConansOwner
Here is the info on how to get tickets for Fallon’s show.


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