Jimmy Fallon show taping?

Question by : Jimmy Fallon show taping?
i just got ticket for a taping and i have a few questions..
what do i wear?
how long is the taping?
how early should i arrive?
are there any behind the sense things that he does that you dont see on tv?
and any thign additional you have would be great! thanks

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Answer by Chris
I’ve never been to a Jimmy Fallon taping, but I’ve been to a couple of west coast shows. You should wear something that’s nice but not too fancy. Taping for a one hour show usually takes a little over an hour (they move really quickly) but depending on how early you get there, you could spend a couple hours at the studio (30 Rock if I’m not mistaken). The tickets you got should tell you when the taping starts and when they let you into the theatre. It’s important to remember that they want a full audience so they give out more tickets than they have seats for so you should get there maybe two or three hours before. You probably won’t get any behind the scenes stuff, but it is interesting to see the host interact with the audience or guest or band during the “commercial” breaks.

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