Jimmy Fallon really suxxs?

Question by hazeces: Jimmy Fallon really suxxs?
Omg.. I was watching his show today, and he was improvising and people were like huh lol, they weren’t even laughing Snoop Dogg was the guest, he was so lost. He kept waiting on the audience to laugh every time he said something and only like two people laughed. I was so bored watching this. Not that I don’t like him, but I wanted to see how his show was, since when you put in google his first name and last the next thing that comes out is sux lol. So i read peoples opinion on him and they really want his show canceled. To be honest I didn’t like any of his jokes, but maybe he’ll get better, I doubt lol. Anyway I hope Conan takes him down………………….

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Answer by StudCat
hes always awkward.. and how can conan take him down? there on the same channel and conan comes on before jimmy does.

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