Jimmy Fallon question?

Question by Natalie A: Jimmy Fallon question?
Why is everyone so harsh on Jimmy Fallon? He has an odd sense of humor, bit it’s so great to have a change on a night talk show. He kind of brought his SNL history with him and it’s fun to see him do some improv and just be a happy person and not bitch about life. What are your opinions on him? Do you like or dislike him as a host? Why or why not

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Answer by K
I love jimmy fallon! 🙂 ithink he is just super hilarious and his impersonations are great. I loved him on snl too, so I know how he kinda acts so it is not very strange to me. I watch the late night show everyday. 🙂 he’s just hilarious. I also love when he does barry Bibb on snl with justin timberlake! They’re sooooo funny! 🙂

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