Is Jimmy Fallon the unfunniest person ever?

Question by iheartcavs: Is Jimmy Fallon the unfunniest person ever?
Sorry – not to be a hater, but I’m watching the Jimmy Fallon show for the first time, and it is painful. He isn’t funny and when he tells a joke the crowd is totally silent. And then he waits for them to laugh and then you hear forced laughter. Its a mess. Also, “Fever Pitch” was hands down the worst “funny” movie I’ve ever seen. Even Drew Barrymore couldn’t save that film. It was one of the only movies I’ve ever walked out of. Does anybody else think Fallon is not funny? His humor and jokes = fail

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Answer by Psychopomp
Geez, you should have watched it the first 5 nights he was on………that was painful. Yeah…Fallon isn’t cut out to be a host, I don’t think he’s cut out for comedy or acting either. Conan was much better.

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