Is Jimmy Fallon a Cancer on NBC?

Question by Mr. J: Is Jimmy Fallon a Cancer on NBC?
Fallon was awful and fairly talentless on SNL . Now he has grown in malignancy to a talk show host for late night. I saw his show one night. That’s all I needed to see that this is really…. (I have no nice words remaining). Just say bad.

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Answer by TP
I never liked him on SNL or any of his movies. I always thought he was one of the worse cast. As for his late night, he’s horrible. But honestly, I thought he actually did improved a little starting on the third night. He seems more comfortable and natural in his interviews. Monologues, I noticed he was a little less awkward delivering them. But that will take years to improve a great deal.

And no he is not the cancer to nbc. You can’t be a cancer to a tv network when no one is actually awake to see how horrible you are. So now we have 2 Carson Dalys on nbc.

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