ID for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Question by : ID for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?
Can I use my school ID to get into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? It has my date of birth on it and shows that I am 17, which is the minimum age for each audience member. Is there anyone who has gone that can tell me?

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Answer by Brooke
I think your school ID will be ok (but you should call and check) and you have to be at least 17 years old to get tickets and go to a taping.

“Tickets to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are available by calling our ticket office at (212) 664-3056. Please call for availability. Generally, tickets are booked about one month in advance from the actual taping. You can request up to four tickets, and all audience members must be at least 17 years old. You may only book tickets once every six months, and you may not book tickets with any other groups of people. Information about last minute ticket openings will be advertised through Late Night’s Twitter updates.”

Good luck:)

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