Has anyone seen Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Question by Brian O: Has anyone seen Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?
I think this is the BIG night people!….
Ariana, give it time. Leno’s first night wasn’t good as I remember it hun…He’ll come to his senses, give him time, he’s good.
Christin, I think U may B right…

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Answer by Ariana R
It’s horrible. It’s absolutely awful. His set looks way too much like SNL, his monologue wasn’t funny and his skit was probably the worst I’ve ever seen on Late Night. Licking printers isn’t funny, it’s just dumb. Most of Conan’s skits were also dumb but there was something about it that made you laugh – Fallon’s aren’t like that. His interviews are really immature, the questions and the way he asks them make me think of a 13 year old interviewing someone for a paper.
Also, I really don’t like his band or his band’s stage.
He and his writers need to go away.

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