Does anyone else think Jimmy Fallon…?

Question by : Does anyone else think Jimmy Fallon…?
is the most adorable thing to walk this planet?
Jeez, he is definitely my celebrity crush, and I would do anything to meet him!
Top 5 cutest things he does is 1.) Trying to tell a joke, but ruining it from laughing(:
2.) Fist Pumping *turns up music*
3.) When he’s nervous he moves his keyboard around on his desk. This doesn’t really fit into what I was saying but, the way he laughs so loud, when it’s really not nessesary!(Spellcheck)
4.) Dancing <3 5.) Singing into the microphone on his desk(: Who else is with me? 🙂 ,3 (: Best answer:

Answer by High Spoken
He ruined SNL.

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