do you think jimmy fallon will last ?

Question by torchboy: do you think jimmy fallon will last ?
or do you think he will get canned ? i think he isn’t funny, and he giggles 2 much at his own jokes, and he’s over all awkward

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Answer by I heart beets
110% agree with you. You would think that he’d come out with the best jokes, best skits, engage the guests and interview them properly, etc. not even close. The jokes are bad. The skits are bad (example: lick for 10?????). That one skit about choosing a tie? this isn’t even dry humor. it’s dumb humor.

i’ve always thought conan was funny. even when he started, I always thought he was copying Letterman, but it was still funny. I think he started to develop his own style and is not pretty ground in his own humor. I loved his goodbye on NBC too.

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