Do you think Jimmy Fallon was a good choice to replace Conan O’Brien?

Question by Superball Conundrum: Do you think Jimmy Fallon was a good choice to replace Conan O’Brien?
Personally, I thought it was a very bad choice. Jimmy Fallon has never been funny in his life that I can see.

But then I just read that the only other one up for the job was Carson Daly. And if those two were the frontrunners, I’ve got to think NBC made the right choice after all.

Did no one else want the job? It looks like they had a runoff between the two most worthless “funny men” that I have ever seen; and while they picked the one I would have gone with between those two they should have picked someone else entirely. What do you think?
To tklescz:

You ain’t kidding on that. Conan has got nothing on Leno.
To platters…

I don’t know if they want to take a chance on Rosie O’Donnell anymore. She kind of lost her mind on the political level while she was on The View. It would probably be too controversial.

But I do like the idea of Bill Maher. Still, those late-night talk shows make fun of politics, but all politics. Bill Maher is definitely left-leaning, and they may lose some of their audience if they “pick a side” in politics.
If I were picking someone, I think I’d try for Queen Latifah. Intelligent, friendly, quickwitted, and sassy; she’d make an excellent host for late night TV.

And there is also a “correspondent” on the Daily Show that I would look at. Aasif Mandvi (not sure how to spell his name), but he is their “Arab correspondent.” Very good at joke delivery, and his being Arabic has a lot of jokes built right into his ancestry.

And I might think about Wayne Brady. Natural showmanship, pretty good delivery, and a good reputation. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but I think he’d be a safe bet.

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Answer by tklescz
I have no idea about Jimmy Fallon. I’m still in shock that Conan is replacing Jay Leno.

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