Do you think Jimmy Fallon is funny? Do you watch his Late Night show?

Question by Hank Scorpio: Do you think Jimmy Fallon is funny? Do you watch his Late Night show?
If not… why not? Have you given his late night show a chance? I’m a huge Conan fan … and I think Jimmy is doing great things for the “Late Night” franchise.

I’ve watched his show from day one and its amazing how much he has progressed. The show keeps getting better and better.

Check this retro video/song out from last nights episode.…

how about this charlie sheen impersonation? UNCANNY…

I’m just saying… I hear a lot of people hate on Jimmy Fallon but never hear any real reason why.
Saying “he’s not funny” is not what I want to hear. The guy is funny. Anybody who has a late night show has it because they ARE funny.
Carson Daly doesn’t do the Late Night format anymore… dummie. He stopped that YEARS ago. All he does is go to bars and talk to indie bands. Its not supposed to be funny.

And what is wrong with King of the Hill you nasty * * * ?

I’d love to hear what you think is funny.
lol okay. so you don’t watch television! you should have come right out with that!

comedy is what it is today because of people like groucho marx. a pioneer! and i don’t think its fair for you to assume that i’m some brain dead american consumer.

i have an appreciation for all comedy. personally… i don’t watch two and a half men because its the same joke over and over. its complete drivel. but i’m not going to thumb my nose at people for liking what they like.

obviously you’re so ‘above’ me that i’ll never be able to reach your level of comedic expertise. but i have to say that none of that comedy exists anymore! it doesn’t exist because its all been done.

subtle humor is great, yes. i love patting myself on the back when i catch something that most people wouldn’t. but subtly is just another tool in the bag.

oh and double entendre? lol yeaaaah thats some really tricky stuff there, please. come off it. quit talking down to me.

heres some stuff that i like… off the top

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Answer by boredom8259
So, Carson Daily is funny? He has a late night show.

Actually, you probably do think that he’s funny. Your avatar speaks volumes in terms of your sense of humor. Or lack thereof.

Sir, seeing as I do not watch television, it’s impressive that I even knew that Ole’ Carson even had a show at one point. I think that Tallulah Bankhead, Groucho Marx, and Mae West are hilarious, but I highly doubt that “subtlety” or “double entendre” are in your vocabulary. Let me guess; you enjoy “Two and a Half Men,” don’t you?

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