Do you think Jimmy Fallon is funny?

Question by I Like Soul Music: Do you think Jimmy Fallon is funny?
I liked some of his stuff on SNL but I tried to watch Late Nite and it just wasn’t funny to me. When I turned it on, he was playing lick it for 10 and that just stupid and had no point.

It seems like he’s trying really hard to be silly and its not as natural as it was for Conan.

Yesterday, on Larry King Live they were saying he’s the new King Of Late Night. I don’t know about that.

Does anybody else agree?

btw, very excited for June when Conan replaces Leno.
Also, who do you think would have been a better host? Adam Sandler seems to come to mind, but he’s more of a movie star than comedian anymore.

Also, Jon Stewart, but then we’d lose the daily show and that’d be terrible.
My Answers Suck- I completely agree. I just wanted to say that Conan was on Inside The Actors Studio and he commented that he may not be able to keep a lot of the outlandish stuff, but his writers are going with him. So, he’s going to try and keep it as close to the same show as possible. Even when not being absolutely ridiculous, he is still very funny to me. His interviews are the best.

Oh and to the first post, David Spade would be a solid host. I didn’t think of him.

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Answer by s_galpal82
I agree, he was absolutely hilarious on SNL but everything (for me personally) outside of that has been kind of lame…

I tried watching him on late night and I didn’t last 5 minutes. I’m just really bummed that Conan is gone and I can’t wait for him to come back in June when he will replace Jay!

I thought of Jon Stewart also, but the Daily Show can obviously never go (please don’t ever end it) but to me Wanda Sykes comes to mind, she is naturally funny I find or David Spade maybe…

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