Did anyone else see Jimmy Fallon?

Question by Psych!Flight: Did anyone else see Jimmy Fallon?
That was funny when Triple H came on.
“Maybe we could make it so the loser has to Tweet”
and then Jimmy Fallon asked “Do you tweet?”

“No… I don’t Tweet I don’t T.wat” LMFAO

Then Ashton Kutcher stepped in and said “Its a past tense of Twitter. The past tense of twitter is…is a twat”

Who else thought it was hilarious?

BQ: Did you like the match between Triple H and “That’s Amazing”?

BQ2: Did you like the rest of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon? I didn’t. I don’t like Jimmy Fallon’s version of Late Night very much, he’s not funny.

Best answer:

Answer by PythonKiller22
I have it DVR’d, I always watch Conan, and then Jimmy if he has a good guest on…I don’t think he’s very funny either…but I’ll watch it today just to see HHH out of his usual I’ll rip your head off environment, like when he got punked…

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