Best Of Jimmy Fallon? SNL?

Question by Kacey: Best Of Jimmy Fallon? SNL?
help me out here! i want to get the DVD “Best Of Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live” but i want a list of all the sketches and skits on the DVD. so, what are all the skits/sketches on that DVD? Please help!

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Answer by Lollypop
Mick And Jimmy Backstage
Jarret’s Room
Barry Gibb Talk Show
Sully And Denise
Update:Flashback Songs
Cork Soakers
A Christmas Treat For All
The Leatherman
Van Morrison
Nick Burns Your Companies Computer Guy
Bloater Brothers
Abducted By Aliens

I absolutely LOVE Jimmy Fallon, I’m like in love with him. I watch his show almost every night!

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